5 Reasons Tattoo Conventions Suck

1. Good Artist Booked – If you have ever seen an advertisement for a tattoo convention you have noticed all the national and big name tattoo artist advertised. A little known fact is that in order to get these nationally recognized tattoo artist to come to the convention and work they have to be completely booked in advance. What that means to a person not in the convention organizers inner circle is that you will never get an appointment with one of these nationally recognized tattoo artist.

2. Factory Style Work – Since the well known tattoo artist have been booked for months most tattoo conventions turn into large groups of second and third tier artist doing factory style work. Conventions are expensive for the tattoo artist to attend instead of taking there time and trying to do the best work, the artist may feel pressure to produce a certain amount of money to cover the expenses of the convention, thus convention prices are often very high even from little known local artist. Tattoo Porn

3. Mixing Tattoos With Porn – Often the tattoo conventions are sold along with another venue. At the best of times its music or hot rod car related, at the worst of times its porn related. Many tattoo conventions will have a group of porn stars signing autographs in long lines that stretch threw the convention floor. Many perverts will show up just to take pictures with them, the person putting on the convention does not care about actual tattooing they just want people paying the cover to get through the door.

4. Lots Of Finger Pointers – If you are at all tattooed at one of these conventions get ready to feel like a clown. Conventions are filled with locals coming to check out the tattooed freak show they just heard about on the radio. The conventions themselves are often advertised in this fashion as to attract even more finger pointers

5. Tattoo Contest Rigged – The conventions always have loads of contest. The voting will either be by clapping or filling in a form, either way the person who brings the largest crowd will generally win. Often a local artist with mediocre work will win some of the larger prizes, what the general audience does not know is that the local artist was also instrumental in putting the convention together.

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