DIY Chocolate Easter Egg.

Store bought Easter eggs can be pretty plain and boring, so how about making one yourself for your friends and family.

To start with, you need just a handful of supplies, that are quite easy to find.

You would obviously need Easter egg mould as well as some chocolate. Everything else is pretty much optional and very much matter of preference.

Easter egg moulds come in all sorts of different sizes, so you’d need to decide first, which size to choose. If you’re planning to fill the Easter egg mould with chocolates or lollies, you might choose larger, rather than smaller size Easter egg mould. If you want to make just a solid chocolate Easter eggs, then a small to medium size mould would work better than a really large one.

Now when you have your Easter egg mould as well as the chocolate, you’re pretty much ready to make the Easter egg.

Place the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and microwave it until it’s all nicely melted. Make sure not to burn the chocolate, or you will have to throw it out and start all over again, wasting lot of valuable time and money.

Now pour the chocolate in the Easter egg mould. If you chose smaller size moulds, to make the solid eggs, fill the moulds all the way to the top. Once the mould is filled, give it a good tap, to get all the air bubbles out. Place the mould in the fridge and let the chocolate set. Once the chocolate is set, it should pop out from the mould straight away, without much help needed. If your chocolate Easter eggs, won’t come out of the mould, it could be that chocolate isn’t set yet, and needs more time in the fridge. So, place them back and be patient, this could take some time, until you can take them out again.

So, if you’ve waited for a while now, take the moulds out from the fridge, and flip them over. You should have one to multiple (depends on the mould you used) cute homemade Easter eggs on your kitchen table now.

If you did choose larger Easter egg moulds, chances are that you only have half of the eggs now, and you need to “glue” 2 pieces together to make one whole Easter egg. For that you can melt some extra chocolate and smear it around one of the egg halves. Once you’ve done that, grab another half and stick it to the first half of the chocolate, and you should have one whole chocolate Easter egg now.

You can leave them just like that, or you might choose to decorate your chocolate Easter eggs, to make them look little bit more special. You can use different kind of sprinkles to make them look cute and colourful. Or you can buy some chocolate foil and wrap the chocolate Easter eggs in them, making them look like, exactly the Easter eggs you would buy from the shops.