What cake decorating supplies do I need to make mermaid themed cake?

Mermaid cakes have been super popular for quite some time now, and they are still going strong. If you’re planning to make one for you kids next birthday party, there are few cake decorating supplies you might want to consider buying.

Silicone Moulds

There’s such a large variety of silicone cake moulds available, for underwater and mermaid themed cakes. There’s everything you need from little shells and fish, to coral and actual mermaid tail moulds. You’d also be surprised how many different mermaid tail moulds you can buy these days. There’s literally anything from little plain tails, to large cake topper size mermaid tail moulds. So, it’s pretty safe to say, your number one cake decorating supply you need, is a good variety of silicone moulds.


Most basic cake decorating supplies ever – fondant, but an absolute must have, when making mermaid themed cake. You have all your nice silicone moulds lined up, but there’s no use for them, if you don’t also have some fondant or gum paste in hand, to use in the moulds. You could also use some chocolate, but this can be fairly tricky to master, and can be also so much more expensive.

Food Colouring

Most of the mermaid cakes, have pastel shades of blues, greens, purples and pinks featured. So, it’s a good idea to crab some more cake decorating supplies, in terms of food colouring. Again, there’s endless amount of different brand and shades available, for you to choose from. You do want to make sure that you pick a right product for the right project. Not all the colours will work with all the ingredients. To be safe, that it is definitely the correct food colouring you need, we do recommend buying oil based or powdered food colouring. These two are universal and will work with all the mediums. Choose nice light shades of the colours to compliment the colour theme of the party.

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Sprinkles are also quite a popular cake decorating supplies, when it comes to mermaid cakes. Quite often you can find little pearly white cachous, decorating the little shells and acting like actual pearls. And you can also find sometimes some tiny little mermaid tail sprinkles, to add some extra touch to your cake. You could also simply choose a sprinkle mix, in the complimenting colour scheme to your cake, and scatter that around your creation, to make it look extra special.

Edible glitter

Who doesn’t love glitter??? Everybody loves glitter, and it goes oh so well with a mermaid cakes. So, it’s a no brainer, that you would want to buy some amazing colours of edible glitter to add some extra sparkle to your cake and make that birthday girl super happy. Before you go glitter shopping though, make sure you check the packaging on the glitters, as there is a large number of glitters out there, that aren’t edible at all, and should not be used on cakes.

These are our top 5 picks of cake decorating supplies for amazing and girly mermaid cakes and cupcakes. So pull your sleeves up and get backing and decorating!