Automated Car Parking Management System With Several Features

Automated vehicle parking management system is simply an architecture, designed in such a way so as to deal with many car-park places in which every single car-park area comes with an automatic right up until.

car parking lift is enabled by having an entry gate in addition to an exit gate with closed signal television cameras intended for capturing the picture in the number plate of a vehicle about its way out and in respectively. Automated Car Parking Management communicates by the medium of web having a remote handle center.

Automated Supervision System offers cutting edge parking management program that lives way up to the requirements of professional and innovative management involving modern auto parking. Inside this automated program, we can supply car-parking systems with regard to both ground levels parking and multi-storey car parking along with several features.

These features include:

: Access to the area
– Command of vehicle runs
– Manual and automatic mode regarding payments
– Can supply account and administrative statements for the authorised person
: Access control constantly with registration dish recognition
– Automatic operation of gateways and retractable posts
– Schedule manage
– Time and client account management
– Public and private car park managing

Automated auto parking is fully automatic, centralized answer for the multi-site, multi-zone parking areas, which is usually available 24×7 throughout the week. To be sure, it is centered on number menu recognition hence very easy to work with.


– Protection for public vehicle parks, company parking areas, banks, stations, organizations, etc.
– Entry control for resorts, clubs, camp-sites, and so on
– Access control for industrial providers and logistics
– Automatic invoicing

Automatic Car Park Management system can even be built-in with car park management software that could handle:

– Web-site design
– Up dated users file
— Schedule per control point / customer
– Number of available parking places per sector
— In & out and about flow record
– Parking time or cost management
– Quotas in discussed car parks

In this system, large car parking sites can be managed by interconnecting several individual web sites. All access points are then on the inside managed from the centralised server.

A good automated car car parking system comprised regarding a parking stand and at least one car-lifting feeder. The parking holder is divided straight into a plurality associated with parking spaces. This specific car-lifting feeder features a pair of comb-like wings for carrying an automobile into a set of comb-like platforms, which are manufactured on each car parking space in the particular parking rack

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