What’s the Connection Between Red Light Therapy And Tanning Salons?

As people become more aware of how dangerous tanning can be and how it not only increases the risk of skin cancer but also promotes pre-mature aging, tanning salons are jumping at the opportunity to offer a solution to the damage that tanning beds cause. By offering Red Light Therapy Device to their customers they are hoping to appeal to health conscious men and women that are looking for a way to improve their skin.

Red light therapy has the ability to turn back the hands of time by repairing and healing the skin. It has been scientifically proven to stimulate collagen and elastin production (the two main proteins within the body) while encouraging younger looking and acting skin. As once enthusiastic tanners realize that their skin has lost its youthful bounce and glow and as the lines and wrinkles engrave their way into the skin they are desperately looking for a way to improve the appearance of their skin, and tanning salons all over the world are listening.

There are doubts, however, as to whether these converted beds are effective due to the fact that they use bulbs as the form of light. Many believe that red bulbs aren’t as effective as red LEDs (light emitting diodes.) Designing a bed that utilizes LEDs is cost prohibitive and most red light therapy beds consist of red bulbs resembling fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. There just isn’t research backing the use of bulbs whereas, on the other hand, there is a remarkable amount of research backing the effectiveness of light emitting diodes.

Studies performed by NASA, medical institutions, and universities have been done with LED light due to its tighter wavelength span. This condensed light is able to penetrate deeper into the skin. The other benefit of using LEDs rather than bulbs is the ability to incorporate a variety of colors in order to achieve different results such as blue, yellow, and infrared which the bulbs are unable to achieve.

The proximity of the lights to the skin bares contemplation as well. The further away the lights are from the skin the more the wavelengths scatter before reaching the skin. The closer you have the lights to the skin the more advantageous they become.

Tanning salons are attempting to please those customers who want to repair damage, but for those looking for a more convenient way to treat their skin they may want to consider LED light therapy systems that are designed for home use. These systems are designed with powerful light emitting diodes and many are FDA approved making easier to treat the skin regularly and consistently which is vital in order to see visible results.