Info on Screen Printing T-Shirts – Make an Educated Decision on Your Next Project

We’re going to give you some valuable info on screen printing t shirts so you can have the knowledge to make an educated decision on your next screen printing project. Screen printed t shirts are used for many reasons, Boy/Girl Scouts use them for merit badges and fundraisers, they can be used for family reunions, church fundraisers, school projects as well as school fundraisers. With the costs of tee shirts approaching a new five year low, and the ability to grab brand new or slightly used screen printing equipment online at some really reputable sites, like eBay and Amazon to name a few, you can take screen printing to the do-it-yourself level now. Many of organizations need to watch the bottom line and we’re going to show you exactly how to keep costs down to a bare minimum! 강남셔츠룸

In the past, you opened the phone book, called the local screen printer, ordered your shirts, picked them up and that was pretty much all that was needed. Not much room to wiggle on price when you only have one option. I’m going to give you some info on screen printing t shirts that is worth the little extra work you need to do. Nowadays many folks are on tight budgets, saving money is the IN thing today! In addition, many organizations such as the local scouts, or schools and churches, rely heavily on a budget to try and make the purchase and still have room to spare under a financial cap.

Here’s some information on how this will save you big money! Lets say you need, 50 screen printed tees, costs $300 plus the $30 screen charge, $330 to get 50 tees with an imprint. Here’s some info on screen printing t shirts that will save you a lot of money. Buying shirts in bulk, your going to spend $125 and have them shipped for free. Take those same shirts to a local screen printer, your paying the screen charge of $30 either way, but here’s where the savings kick in, of the 5 printers we called, 4 out of 5 charge a buck per imprint.

So, your at $50 for printing, $30 screen charge and $125 to buy the tees, that’s it! That simple. You paid $205 vs. $330. You saved the church or school $125, that could be used to make more money for the organization or charity that the funds are being raised for. Your going to save big money doing a little extra work.

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