Top 9 Reasons Why I Choose Getresponse As My Autoresponder?

Email marketing is a powerful marketing strategy in the internet marketing business. In order to be an effective email marketer, we need a tool to help us to achieve our purposes. The tool that we need to use is an autoresponder.

There are many autoresponders in this world. However I choose Getresponse as my autoresponder. pros and cons of getresponse

Here are a few reasons why I choose Getresponse as my autoresponder.

1)Tracking your emails

One of the features offered by Getresponse is that they allow you to track your emails for any campaign. You can find out how many readers read your emails,click on your links or just delete them and so much more.

2) Linked to Social Medial Sites

Many business now are using social media (for example Myspace, twitter and Facebook) to promote their business. However to sent messages to all this sites on your own can be time consuming. Getresponse can link up with your social media accounts and you can sent your messages and alerts to all the social media sites easily.

3)Marketing library

Getesponse has a marketing library and you can learn how to write a better email, the latest trends in the business and so much more.


There is a lot of free videos and tutorials available on how to use Getresponse.Therefore any newbie can easily learn how to use and master it.

5)Flexible payment plans

Getresponse offers flexible payment plans to suit everybody’s budget. They allow you to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

6)Good customer service

Getresponse offers free support by email, phone and live chat. They also have a free forum where you can place your questions and they will reply to you quickly.

7) Email templates

You get to choose designed email templates that suit your business with Getresponse. This is particularly good if you like to place an emphasis on branding.

8)Video Marketing

Getresponse allows you to use their services for video marketing. You can use a video to record your face and messages and then sent out to your list as messages.

9) Free trial

There is a free trial period being offered by Getresponse. The free services doesn’t have all the services provided for the premium service and it does contains ads. Some of the features offered in the free trial are unlimited autoreponders,messages follow up (only 5 in the free trial), mailing list management, pop up creator and a tool that allows you to know whether your email is consider as a spam. Therefore anybody who is uncertain about Getresponse services should take up the free trial and decide later.

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