Tracfone Promo Codes – What Are They? – How to Find and How to Use Tracfone Bonus Codes

When you purchase minutes for your Tracfone you will put code numbers into your phone and then more minutes and activation time will show up on your phone. If when you are adding a Minute card to your phone you also use a Promo code you will get more minutes. The Minute Card will have a 15 digit number. The Promo code will always be a 5 digit number promo codes

How to Use Tracfone Promo Codes

You can add Airtime over a land line. This used to be my preferred way to add Promo Codes but now to get through the Tracfone Customer Service phone system it just takes too long.
Adding Airtime Direct from the Phone. From the Digital Tracfones you can add minutes from the Prepaid Menu. Click on Menu, then Prepaid, Scroll to add airtime and click, on some phones you will add the five digit Promo code right after the 15 digit PIN number from your card and on some phones it will ask you after you have put in the PIN if you have a promo code. You will only get one chance to use a Promo code from your phone. If the code does not work Tracfone will process your minute card anyway and give you the minutes on the card. To try and get your bonus codes if they do not go through in this method you will have to call Tracfone Customer Service and try to get your bonus minutes.
Adding Tracfone Units from your Computer (My Favorite) I like to add airtime from my computer because if you try a Promo code that does not work you can try twice more. If on the third attempt you do not get a code to work Tracfone will just add the minute card without the bonus minutes. If you try two different Promo codes and they don’t work close your browser and delete your temporary cookies and then you will get three more chances to try bonus codes. Go to and click on the “add/buy airtime” button on the top of the page and the web site will walk you through it.
Getting Ready to Add Units

First off I will write my Tracfone Serial Number (ESN) on the back of a business card with the Tracfone Customer service number (1-800-867-7183). I will also put my Phone’s number so I can easily find the numbers simply in large enough print that I can read without looking through the menu on my Tracfone.

How to Find Tracfone Promo Codes.

First I have registered the Serial number of my phone and joined the “Tracfone Insider” program. This plan gets you a monthly email update from Tracfone. This email often has a Promo Code for you.

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