Wood Deck and Composite Decking in South Florida

After years of decorating the interior of their homes, many people are turning their energy outside to create outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining. This shift reflects a lifestyle-outdoor living-that extends beyond a home’s traditional walls.

Having a wood deck or composite deck installed offers one perk that most home improvements don’t offer. Due to the fact that the addition is outside, you won’t have to interrupt your daily life to accommodate to the installation Read more about Deck Builder Green Bay

Wood decks remains a popular and appropriate choice for building decks and fences. A little care when installing the boards, combined with regular maintenance, will help keep the wood looking good for years. Although composite decks are more popular in areas like: key Largo, Panama City, Marathon, Islamorada and even in Key West. Composite decking is very attractive; it is made using a mixture of plastic and wood, virgin plastic and cellulose fibers or flour and/or a blend of virgin products with recycled materials. Some are still made with 100 percent recycled materials.

For wood decks a finish coating must contain pigment in order to block, absorb or reflect damaging UV rays. Coating pigment protects your deck’s surface much like sunblock lotion protects your skin: both prevent the top surface layer from drying out and aging prematurely.

Cleaning and treating a deck in regular bases will extend it’s life. Proper deck maintenance is important to save you thousands in repair costs associated with wood replacement.

A deck makes a fine addition to any home, from standard layouts to modern designs so we focus on the styling and installations of art decks and exterior woodworking.

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